Choices In Alden Nowlen's The Glass Roses

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There is always that one person who you strive to impress or seek approval from; whether it’s parents, a friend, spouse, or even an authority figure. Often times we forget what is best for ourselves and continuously struggle to keep others happy. In doing this, we forget that life is only what we make of it. Choosing between making someone you care about happy and making yourself happy is a struggle that many of us have to endure more than once in our lives. If you live your life for someone else, you will never truly find happiness. Choices are a part of daily living for every human being, whether it is what shirt to wear that morning or which cell phone company to switch to. Choices are everywhere. It often feels easier to conform to those decisions that are considered “socially acceptable”,…show more content…
After continuously being looked down on by his father, he wants nothing more than to remain under the radar and impress him. Stephen’s father is a “burly, red faced man”, a masculine father who did not give much if any emotional support to Stephen. He was the “foremen of the crew” and wanted nothing more but to have his son to “start actin’ like a man”. Seeing his father as the number one pulp-cutter and stereotypical man made Stephen feel like to succeed in life he had to be just that, a man. Although Stephen feels secluded from the other pulp cutters, he looks at them longingly with their “faintly humped backs” and “ox like shoulders” as if one day that’s precisely how he’d like to be. He can only dream that one day he will be a strong, stern man like them. However, the question is: is that what Stephen himself wants? Or is it simply his father’s wishes? For me, the main idea of this short story is the challenge between doing what you love for yourself, or to push aside your dreams to gratify someone

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