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Keep diaries of your purchase/consumption behavior for 5 days. *1. Select the three purchases that differed* the most in terms of the underlying choice rules 1) White blouse from an online shopping mall (5. 20. Tue.) Situation : At that time, I had to buy a blouse for my presentation. The presentation day was Friday and the purchase was done on Tuesday. Usually, in case of the online shopping mall that I used, delivery takes about 2-3 days. I use about five private online shopping malls and from my experience, I thought that this mall was the fastest one. In my case, since I had to wear that blouse on Friday, I really had to order the blouse on Tuesday and get it on Thursday. So I ordered a white blouse from this website and as I expected, I could receive the blouse on Thursday. Choice rule : I think I used “lexicographic” decision rule. If I was not in a hurry and wanted to buy a white blouse, I would consider all other shopping malls and all the white blouses that they have. However, since the speed of delivery was the most important thing, I ordered the blouse from this shopping mall. So it means that I selected this clothe from the aspect of the most important attribute. *2) Oreo cookie from a convenience store in Samgakji* station (5. 22. Thu.) Situation Choice rule : Among the low effort decision making rules, I think I used thought-basic decision making rule, especially habit and brand loyalty. Since I habitually drop by the store and most of the time I purchased Oreo cookie, I can say that I chose it because I have a loyalty to Oreo. 3) Six ice creams from a supermarket in front of my house (5. 24. Sat.) Situation : At this day, I drop by the supermarket to buy some drinks but I also bought six ice creams. I knew that they are doing 50% discount for every ice cream but I forgot about it until that day. So it

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