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A kind-hearted innocent children, born as a result of a vicious father worked under to do evil deeds before the law, or in the soul before the need for justice, morality and the family to make a choice, it is indeed not easy to do, which make kindergarten kids to do calculus operations deformation of reality is cruel, but it is a kind of happiness when the fairy tale. Freund said that in this novel such a story. Of course he is right in the story itself is not cruel, but cruel for the carrier to illustrate another problem. Own home next door Pig eating corn arrested, the father for this purpose in conflict with their neighbors Harris, who the responsible party is obvious, but his father is burned stable injured party, against the background of the story of this incident started. Magistrates hearing the case in the grocery store, in the sheriff and the plaintiff requested to understand the truth of the matter required the children to testify out of the case. Under great pressure, feelings of extreme contradictions in his family eventually fell into the vortex, he chose silence. The absence of witnesses, arson's father managed to escape legal sanctions, but has also been asked to leave the local. In the new place of residence, the bad habits do not change the Fire and longitudinal hell Yan, deliberately damage the carpet after the employer's valuables, rather than conflict and set fire to the employer's stable. Hearts have been dissatisfied with what the father of the heroine of the last outbreak, he broke the shackles of the blood, at the last moment will be his father's plans to inform the other party, even though his father did not succeed to stop the fire, but the moral of the release so that he tortured soul relax. Novels, some of the ups and downs of small children is reflected in the face twice a stable burning caused by psychological conflicts, but almost the

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