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Chocolate Industry Introduction A chocolate is a confectionary which is often packaged in a form of long bar or just a small bar. These chocolate bars are enriched in vitamins and proteins as they struggle to retain their sweetness. Chocolate is extremely famous for the different purposes like giving gifts, cooking, and for individual consumption. Because of its demand small businesses are focusing on rendering the items that are made up of chocolates. Chocolates are usually readymade for consumption. This is why households represent the biggest buying group, accounting for 77% of the market’s size in 2009. Another major buyer is B2B, which includes the retail trade and restaurants and bars, with each accounting for 3-4% of total sales in 2009. SWOT Analysis For the SWOT analysis, I will use the Rogers' Chocolates as an example: Strength: Rogers’ is a classic Canadian premium brand of high-perceived value. Rogers’ provides healthy alternatives for consumers by refusing to use hydrogenated fats and oil in their products. The company heavily relies on using natural ingredients whenever possible. The company has a wide variety of products. Moreover the company has loyal customers. So all these key strengths of the Rogers` help it to strengthen its brand name and status in the global market as a part of its competitive capabilities. Weakness: The main resource weakness of the company is the retail outlets are focused in Victoria; the brand is not well-known outside this area. The logo and packaging give the impression of dowdiness and have been described as “not glitzy or fashionable enough”. These are the major competitive liabilities for the company because these weaknesses do not allow the company to expand its operations in a global market. Opportunity: Asia and Oceania make up the largest market with $21.7 billion or 33.21% of the total chocolate market

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