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Chocolate Chocolate is a very delicate food that people call a snack food, and is very fun to eat. Chocolate melts in many peoples mouths, most people would rather eat chocolate instead of make chocolate, but in this case it is going to be both. Chocolate can be creamy, luscious, appetizing, delicious, and much much more! Candy suckers are fun to make if the right items are in the area to make the suckers. There is a cooling process that has to happen in order to eat that luscious chocolate. Most Americans today eat chocolate! And are either are happy or get really mad. Mostly people get happy after eating chocolate. The first step in making delicious chocolate is getting al the ingredients and items needed organized. Clear an area out somewhere in the house or where ever the chocolate is being made. Get a cooler and fill the bottom of it with ice. The cooler is for the plastic molds for the shape of what the candy is going to look like. Paper sticks are need for the holding part of the sucker. Get a bowl, chocolate, food candle, plastic sticks to stir the chocolate up in the bowl, and napkins. Squeeze bottles may be necessary to add the luscious chocolate to the molds. The chocolate that are in the bowls are colored so there may be color on the front of the sucker. The second step to making good chocolate is patience; if patience is not able to be accomplished the candy will not be very good. Next, choose a plastic mold and take one of those plastic sticks and take the color chocolate a put a good layer of the colored chocolate in the mold. After the chocolate is done being put into the mold, place the mould in the cooler for a few minutes so the chocolate may harden. After waiting a few minutes take the molds back out. Take the squeeze bottles out with the chocolate filled inside of it. Doesn’t matter if the chocolate is Dark or White it all tastes the same,

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