Chocolate Cheesecake Evaualtion

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Detailed evaluation: chocolate cheesecake I think that the chocolate cheesecake is a dessert definitely suited to families, because it appeals to all ages. The packaging is designed to grab the attention of the buyer with its bold lettering, picture and colour and what helps is that it is small, perfect for storing in the freezer. Also this product is a relatively easy product to follow with its clear step by step instructions; all you have to do is to take the cheesecake out of the packaging and leave to defrost for 2-3 hours, it really is as simple as that. This is brilliant for convenience and real families, because while the dinner is being prepared and the meal is being eaten the cheesecake is being defrosted. This product is well suited to the target market as it can be stored in a fridge for later use if there is any cheesecake left over, which is ideal for families. When I make this product I will definitely include fair-trade chocolate, as it says in my user’s needs, because while it tastes the same as normal chocolate you have the satisfaction of knowing you are looking after a third world country and its people. When I first took the cheesecake out of the packaging, I was quite amazed at how the cheesecake looked like the picture on the front of the packaging, as most products differ from their picture and it is always disappointing. The topping of the cheesecake was very appealing and very aesthetically pleasing because the chocolate curls made it look artistic and set it apart from any other cheesecake. When I took the first spoonful of the cheesecake I knew that it contained a lot of fat, sugar etc due to the richness and chocolatiness of it. The biscuit base and the topping were very delicious, the base did not crumble and the topping was just right. This product serves 6 people, the average family size, as it is a family themed dessert. An

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