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Unit 1: Culminating Activity Participant Observation Lab – Chart | |Observation Point #1 |Observation Point #2 | | |Date: Friday September 28th 2012 |Date: Saturday September 29th 2012 | |Points of Interest |Time: 3:00pm |Time: 8:00pm – 1:00pm | | |Location: McDonalds |Location: Dad’s cousins house | | |(brief description) |(brief description) | |Men (body language, speech patterns, |Tapping their feet until order arrives |Men were really hyper because they were having a huge | |emotions or feelings displayed, |Eating faster than woman |dicussion about politics | |arrival or departures, etc.) |Feeling impatient before order arrived |Men who came alone arrived later than the women who came | | |Seemed satisfied after eating food |alone | | | |Eating really fast | | | |Younger guys looked bored | |Women (body language, speech

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