Chivalry—an Idea to Be Considered Essay

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Modern-day chivalry is a concept being considered as a code for everyday life. Chivalry was once described as “the rules and customs of medieval knighthood.” ( Though some people do not even like to think about chivalry, a modern-day chivalric code should be implemented into the Kemps Landing Magnet School Honor Code. Because everybody deserves to be respected, treated with kindness, be truthful, and be honorable, it is a good idea for this code to be included. Everybody deserves to have respect. Respect is an essential part of chivalry. ‘Everybody’ does not mean just women, but also children and men. Some people think of chivalry as strange, just like when Wavy 10 News sent in a random man to conduct an experiment on chivalry and how women react. They found that “…some women found the behavior downright suspicious.” (, V. Coria). The women had a surprise from a “’knight in shining armor,’ minus the armor.” “They declined his offer to help, thinking there must be some kind of catch.” (, V. Coria). This article sheds light on how people, mainly women, seem to think there cannot be any chivalry without a scam or a suspicious motive. The truth is--chivalry is mainly about respect, with the occasional kindness. Everyone should be treated with kindness. Generosity and kindness make people feel good about themselves. According to Grace N. Edwards in MODERN DAY CHIVALRY: NOT DEAD JUST DIFFERENT, modern-day chivalry is really different from the way medieval-times chivalry was described as. It became more technologically related. Truthfulness is a part of chivalry that is very important. When one does not communicate face-to-face with someone, they cannot tell if the person they are speaking to is telling the truth, as well as they could when talking face-to-face. Faith also ties in with truthfulness because of the faith

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