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Proof of a Chivalric Quest A chivalric quest involves a knight who follows the code of chivalry. To prove a knight has experienced a chivalric quest they must go through certain aspects. Examples of these phases consist of serving his God, King, and family faithfully, accomplishing noble deeds, and accepting a knightly code. The knight must also display features of courage, strength, and self sacrifice, and possess a high position in society. In addition to these attributes a chivalric quest could include experiencing supernatural encounters, accepting a task or quest, and learning a lesson. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” Sir Gawain experiences a chivalric quest through the acceptance of a task, supernatural encounters, and learning a lesson. Sir Gawain plays a game that the Green Knight offers to the knights of King Arthur's court. The Green Knight originally wanted the strongest of the court, King Arthur. In turn, though, Sir Gawain accepts the challenge thinking he could earn some browning points with the more capable knights and King Arthur. Sir Gawain truly accepts the task that the Green Knight has bestowed upon him when he sets forth the next year to face his fate (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 169). His fate including his head separated from his body. “And you'll have known all the time that I'll do it. I'll free him and go with him. Take the risk. Out there,” (Lee 46). Claidi accepts the task Jizania Tiger asks her to fulfill. To be exact she does not completely accept what she is meant to do til she brings the wine, which Jizania drugs, to the guards as a distraction to try to free Nemian (Lee 50). Sir Gawain and Claidi both accept a task that could ultimately end in a deathly situation. Sir Gawain may get his head chopped off. Claidi may die out in the waste, a place in which she has never entered before. Sir Gawain cuts off the head of the

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