Chivalric Code Of Honor Essay

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The chivalric code of honor’s purpose was to guide King Arthur’s knights toward being true nobleman. Following the code meant you were to have five very important qualities, brotherly love, a pure mind, boundless beneficence, manners, and of course compassion. These five qualities are what made King Arthur and his entire fellow knights so memorable to us all. I would have to say that to me them having brotherly love towards each other was what made them inimitable, meaning they were to treat each other as if they were blood brothers, along with mutually respecting and defending each other. Sir Gawain was Arthur’s nephew and one of his most loyal knight, is our best example of chivalry there is, he shows compassion to anyone in need and he also is known for being tenderhearted man. He has built his life…show more content…
On the contrary he was a very honorable person, or at least he tried to be. He knew that by having an affair with her he would hurt his most beloved friend; even so she meant so much to him that couldn’t just give her up. There I still think he was doing the right thing because it was true love. Lancelot treated Guinevere like the Queen she was, he would always respect her and would always fight for her. The first time was when she had thrown a party at the castle, and a man turned out to be poisoned and killed. Guinevere was held accountable for his death even though she had nothing to do with it. Lancelot proceeded to defend her honor, by opposing their false accusations. As a result she was soon found innocent from all charges. Soon after this incident, King Arthur found out about their affair, consequently he sentenced Queen Guinevere to death. As soon as Sir Lancelot found out he hurried to her rescue. This comes to show how much she meant to him, so much was his affection towards her that he was willing to give up
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