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Falyn Gilbert C. Myers English 1302 November 8, 2012 Drugs in Chiropractic Over 100 years ago a medical profession was put into existence like no other. This profession would not perform surgery and would not prescribe medications. It would look at the body as a whole being. It would treat the cause and not the symptom. This profession is called chiropractic. Over the years the profession has taken many hard hits, with internal controversy as well as external attacks. Today the profession is thriving with about 18 Chiropractic schools in the nation and thousands of doctor’s worldwide. There is still issues that arise, the most common and most fought over within chiropractic is, “Should doctors of chiropractic be allowed to obtain an additional license that will allow them to prescribe medication to their patients?” Many argue for, and many argue against but not many know the details and facts as to why doctors of chiropractic want this drastic change. The primary purpose of chiropractic is to ultimately remove a subluxation, which is any form of misalignment in the body putting pressure on a nerve. Ideally, we only see them in the spinal column, but they can also be in your extremities as well. If we break down the word subluxation it literally means a state or condition of less light or less power. (Chiropractic) The effect of this on your body is that it gets less of the life energy it needs from the nervous system to maintain its health. This has been primarily what chiropractors look for and correct for over the last 100 years. The hunt for misalignments began back in 1895 when D.D Palmer first created chiropractic. Dr. Palmer, established it as non-medical approach with out the use of drugs and/or surgery. (Chiropractic) Chiropractic has been able to remain a drug free profession by the work of the American Chiropractic Association, World

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