Chippy and Squeeky Children Story

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Chippy and Squeaky’s Winter Once upon a time there was a squirrel named Squeaky and a chipmunk named Chippy. They lived in a peaceful little field in the northern part of Acton. Acton was a cold town that had awful winters. When September rolled around, winter was on its way. Chippy and Squeaky had to begin to collect their acorns. Squeaky was very fast so he could collect many more acorns than the slow Chippy. After the first day Squeaky already had twenty nuts whereas Chippy only had one. But Chippy wasn’t discouraged because the next day he got another one. However Squeaky was very confident and decided to take a break the next day. Day after day Chippy would constantly get one nut each day whereas Squeaky would spend his time playing in the meadow. By the time November came Chippy already had fifty nuts while Squeaky still only had twenty. Chippy said to Squeaky, “You need to collect more nuts. Winter is almost here.” Squeaky replied, “I’m not worried, I can collect all of my nuts right before the first snowfall.” November came and went and Chippy continued to collect nuts. Squeaky still played happily in the meadow. Chippy said, “Squeaky, November is almost over, the first snowfall will be here soon.” Squeaky replies, “I can collect twenty nuts a day, much faster than your one little nut a day.” Chippy still continued to collect nuts everyday and when the first snowfall came, he went to hide in his little burrow. Squeaky was still playing in the field when the first snowfall came. He hastily went to try and collect nuts but none could be found. Chippy had already collected all of the nuts. The snow was falling heavily now so Squeaky had to return to his burrow. All winter long Chippy was warm and well fed whereas Squeaky was cold and hungry. The long waited spring finally arrives. Squeaky quickly runs to find Chippy and say, “Chippy, I was so hungry and
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