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Chinse Outward Fdi Essay

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Analysis of potential investment opportunities between Russian and Chinese economies Introduction and background Global landscape and power play is changing and emerging markets most importantly China and Russia are starting to slowly replace developed market in the world investment arena (partly driven by global financial crisis, partly by government expansion policies and partly by trade flows development). The goal of this paper is to analyze outward direct investments originating in Russia and China and given rich history between the countries and active trade between the two (China has became largest Russian trade partner in 2010), see how the investment flows between the two countries could be strengthened Disclaimer The size of the Chinese and Russian investments is likely to be underestimated, mainly due to the use of off-shore vehicles (based in Cayman Islands, Hong-Kong, Virgin Islands and Luxemburg). In addition, many Official data provided by Goskomstat of Russian Federation includes only legal flows, while large portion of the investments remains in the grey area.

Outward FDI in Russia and China detailed review China Although China‘s outward direct investment (ODI) is still small relative to its massive inward FDI, China‘s overseas companies have been gaining momentum in moving international capital, investing across a broad spectrum of sectors ranging from natural resources to manufacturing to telecommunications and many others. As China‘s economy continues to grow, China faces shortages in almost all raw materials, particularly in oil, iron ore, aluminum, and uranium, and it must therefore build trade linkages with Australia, Russia, Brazil, and other resource-rich countries to secure supplies. A significant jump in outflows happened when China‘s ODI went from $26.51 billion in 2007 to $55.91 billion in 2008, an increase of over 110% and kept growing in 2009-2010. In 2010 China‘s outward FDI flow accounted for $68B and by the end of the year...

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