Chinese University vs American University

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Chinese university vs American university The United States has about 4,140 universities, many of which are the world's best universities (National Center for Education Statistics). China has about 2,236 universities; only a few universities rank among the world's famous schools (Wikipedia). Many people would like to study in the United States or send their children to study in the United States because the education conditions are better than those in China and the model of education is very different (Chow). Nowadays, no country in the world has a perfect education system, because every country has many unique features; in some countries the perfect system might not be suitable for other countries. Each system should learn from each other's advantages and disadvantages, to find the most suitable for their education system. The American universities’ advantages are obvious as the world's best. Their strengths are that they allow students to have more freedom to find their interests and talents. The first two years in college, American students have enough time to decide their choice of major or change their major. The other advantage is that American universities provide students with actual working skills and experience for the opportunity. Chinese universities have two big benefits: one is the Chinese universities offer a very strong social cohesion; four years of campus life that lets the whole class form a very close relationship with each other. The second is the academic advantage. Chinese university students focus on their own academic research, so Chinese students will more easily be experts in their own professional field, especially natural science students (Davnie). The American universities’ disadvantages also are obvious. Because American students can choose from a variety of courses, it means the students cannot become subject experts when they
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