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Chinese Traditional Family Vs. Modern Family Essay

  • Submitted by: shengjun
  • on November 15, 2011
  • Category: History
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Traditional Vs. Modern Family

Chinese used to value boys more than girls. That is a terrible truth. Girls were not treated good enough in those “Traditional families” because those girls will eventually join another family, and those traditional parents believe that they raise girls for other families. Being a girl, the author must be very sad about how she was treated when she was young. I was born in a modern family, and all of my neighbors were modern families too. I have to say that there are a lot of differences between traditional families and modern families, and the modern ones are better.

First of all, modern families treat boys and girls with the same attitude, and girls are allowed to compete with boys. My family has transformed from a traditional family for more than 2 generations. My parents were also raised in the modern way. My mom even has more education than my uncle. I went to the same school with all my neighbor’s kids, and those girls always had a better academic score than mine. My elementary school teachers even treated girls better than boys since girls were not as naughty as boys, and most of the good students in my elementary school were girls. In my opinion, If any kid is allowed to flunk out of school, it probably would be a boy like me because my name had been sleeping at the bottom of the academic score list through the whole elementary school years.

In a modern family, parents share their opinions instead of using the father-authoritarian system. In my family, my mom has always been a better decision-maker since she had a better education than my father. For that, my father even had to argue with my mom to make thing go his way. That gave me a lesson that if I want to dominate in my future family, I’d better work hard in school. Furthermore, I think I should have had more fatherly advice from my family than the lecture from my mom that I had when I was young since a good role model is very important to a growing boy.


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