Chinese Tourism Essay

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CHINESE TOURISM OPPORTUNITIES FOR AUSTRALIA An overview about the growing outbound tourism from China to Australian and how it can help Australian government attract more Chinese tourists Quan Le Minh Nguyen (s3221961) My Thanh Nguyen (s3131591) Nan Zhang Huayin Hu (s3271811) I-ju Huang(3365085) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tourism is one of main potential industry in Australia, and Chinese tourists become their major target market due to Chinese tourists brought $3.4 billion profit to Australia Government last two years. In addition, There are approximate 1.2 billion people live in china and consistent with The World Tourism Organisation research in 2012; there are 70 million Chinese overseas travelling from last year and increased 30 million by recent of months. According to Tourism Australia recorded in 2012, the majority of international tourists come from China, besides they are the biggest spender in Australia. The object of this research report is going to identify how valuable of Chinese tourism market to effect Australia’s economy and what kind of strategy and campaign that Australia government is going to apply to Chinese market and encourage more Chinese tourism to visiting. At the begging of this report, we are analysis the current situation of tourism industry in China and Australia. The following up this report, travel agent interview and survey methodology are adopted to finding and discussion sections. Moreover, conclusion and recommendation will apply to at the end of report. 1. INTRODUCTION With the rapid increase of Chinese tourism in all over the world, it is obvious that Australian government should take advantage of this situation and explore more opportunities to benefit its own economy. This report begins with the current situation of Chinese tourism and follows by a research project to further examine what Australian government
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