Chinese Pottery Essay

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Throughout Chinese history there were eight dynasties, including three before the famous six, along with those, and within the eight dynasties many kinds of ceramic arts were developed. All of the dynasties are equally important, to each culture’s time they learned new ways to build, glaze, fire and perfect ceramics and porcelain. The first couple of dynasties always shape the forthcoming dynasties into greatness. The Neolithic era, the Bronze Age, and the Han era were the foundations, the beginnings of the famous crisp blue and satin white porcelain, and the gorgeous ceramic pottery of what ceramics you see in China today. In the Neolithic period, the invention of pottery or ceramics around 5000-2200 B.C., the idea grew and changed exponentially throughout the course of history. The Neolithic dynasty had many trial and errors; after all they were the first to discover ceramics. Most or almost all of the pottery that came out of the Neolithic dynasty was not glazed, considering that glazing wasn’t really discovered yet. The regions with the most influence of pottery were the cultures of Ta-ti-wan, Pan-Po, Miao-ti-kou, and Lung shan. The pottery from the Neolithic era was almost always hand built; with reds, grays, and black wares, always complimented the craftsmanship of the ceramic pottery. Since the discovery of glaze wasn’t quite established yet, the normal design for a ceramic piece of this time was carving, painting or having plain black pottery. The photo above is a vessel designed to store food or water. With all the intricate designs and details indicates it was a very special prized possession, normally jars like these are found in burial grounds. Some of the oldest kilns started out used for cooking, light, warmth and protection. Once the discovery of ceramic pottery began the kiln served another purpose. Although the actual date of the discovery of

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