Chinese Mothers Essay

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Why Chinese Mothers are Superior There are numerous different ways to raise your child, and the “Western” parents often wonder how the Chinese can get so successful kids and in this article Amy Chua, who is a professor at Yale Law School and author of “Day of Empire” and "World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability." explains how the difference in the Chinese and Western methods of raising your child. When I write Chinese- and Western parents it’s in a very loose way, just like Amy Chua writes in the article. Amy Chua has two girls, Louisa and Sophia, they live in New Haven. She comes with examples throughout the book on how she raised her two girls. Studies show that Chinese parents use around 10 times as long studying with their kids everyday compared to the Western parents. Chua has ten rules that her girl were never allowed to break: • They may not attend a sleepover. • They must not have a play date. • They mustn’t be in a school play. • They may not complain about not being in a school play. • They may not watch TV or play computer games. • They may not choose their own extracurricular activities. • They must not get any grade less than an A. • They have to be the best student in every subject except gym and drama. • They may not play any instrument other than the piano or violin. • They have to play the piano or violin. This is the list we first see in the article, it seems like very normal things in the Western world, the children are more independent and get to experience basic social things, which the Chinese children don’t, in China it is the parents who chooses which instruments they have to play. Chua uses provocation in the article to draw in the reader, like for example the title “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” this question the Western mothers parenting skills. She implies that
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