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Is the general opinion that “Chinese mothers” are superior and will their methods work in the western world? In the text “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Amy Chua professor at Yale tries to explain why and how she has raised her children and which discussions there have been between herself and her husband in some situations. The text focuses on the differences between the western and the Chinese way of raising a child, witch values is weighted the highest and how to bring up motivation in people. In the essay there will be a short account of the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, a focus on how the writer engages the reader, possible consequences of adopting Chua’s values and methods of upbringing and the appeal forms she uses, at last there will be a conclusion. Yale Law School professor Amy Chua has written the article. “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”. In the article she describes how she has raised her children and which methods she has used. She starts of by reeling off allot of things her children was not allowed to do things as: “attend a sleepover, watch TV or play computer games…” and so on. Amy Chua brings up the terms “Western parents” and “Chinese mother” she explains the differences between the two. The “Western parents” tries to teach their children that learning should be fun, whereas the “Chinese mother” understands that nothing is fun until you are good at it. The “Western parents and the “Chinese mother” are compared to each other throughout the entire article. Chua tells an anecdote about one of her daughters Lulu trying to learn a piano piece. Chua kept on pushing her daughter even though Lulu was convinced that she physically was not able to do it. Chua’s husband was not sure either if Lulu could do it, and was not happy about the way Lulu was forced to keep on trying. But Chua continued throughout the night and at last Lulu

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