Chinese Inventions Essay

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Chinese Inventions Introduction  Ancient Chinese were great inventors  Invented wheelbarrow, seismoscope, paper, printing, umbrellas, kites, fishing reels, mechanical clocks, waterwheels, gunpowder & fireworks  Also found a way to better irrigate their crops  Made the great “Four Great Inventions,” the compass, gunpowder, papermaking & printing The Inventions Compass  Chinese discovered that a lodestone (magnetic stone) is attracted to iron  Used that theory to make the first compass  Made it in many different forms  Imprecise  One of the forms was if you attach a lodestone to a wooden stone and float it in the water, the fish points south  Invented in China around AD1-100  At first used as a planning aid to ensure new houses faced in correct direction  The correct direction was one in harmony with nature  Later used to plot courses on long sea voyages Wheelbarrow  First used to carry loads for farming  Did not look like modern day one, but it made moving loads easier  Invented in AD100  Then, they invented a model with large center wheel  Could bear great weights  Became a form of transport  Pushed by muscle power  The model for transport was called a lu che barrow  For rich families Seismometer  A device for recording earthquakes & tremors  China is a land full of earthquakes & a scientist named Zhang Heng invented the seismometer  It was a pot with artificial dragon’s attached to it  On the bottom were frogs with mouths wide open  When there was earthquakes, balls from the dragon’s mouth fell into the frog’s mouth  The balls fell from the dragons facing the direction of where the
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