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Customs are a very high priority to the Chinese. Throughout present-day China, and past China, there have been very many customs created to fit Chinese needs and beliefs. From life and death customs, to wedding and family customs, to eating and social etiquette customs, the Chinese people always follow and try to keep their values. During birth, there are many customs to having a very healthy child and living life well. Many mothers must be sure to eat healthy foods. Foods consisting of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients, are very healthy for the unborn child and the mother. Pregnant mothers also go through another type of preparation. They must learn as much as they can about the process of childbirth and how to raise a young one. In China, a woman’s pregnancy brings great happiness to the family and the natal family begins sending baskets of beans, noodles, eggs (in even numbers), and diapers. When the child is born, the great news is reported in person by his/her father to his/her maternal grandmother. The grandmother fills a pewter teapot with wine, tied by red string for the son-in-law to carry back. If she ties the red string onto the spout, it is a boy and on the handle, it is a girl. Chinese marriage is viewed as a way of continuing the ancestral line and creating friendship between two families. Fathers in China choose who their daughter is to marry. When a young woman is to be wed, her mother creates a “longevity quilt,” bed curtains, clothes, dresses, make-up, and dowry items. The day before the marriage ceremony, the groom’s family sends gifts to the bride’s family consisting of roast pig, roast goat, two vats of wine, fish, and mantou (buns). The bride’s family also sends some gifts to the groom’s family, including head and tail of pig and goat, money, and sugared plums in a basin. The night before the ceremony, the soon to be bride bathes in water with

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