Chinese Culture Essay

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I enjoy your presentation. Within the Hispanic culture they regularly enhance conversation with body language by using hand, head and body gestures. They may also express emotion through touch. They may nod “yes” and say “aha” during conversation but, this does not signify that they understand (Realin, 2009). It is essential to clarify that they understand information especially when obtaining consent and to allow patient extra time to communicate information with family (Andrews ,& Boyle ,2008). Reference Andrews, M. M., Boyle, J. S. (2008). Transcultural concepts in nursing care (5th ed.). Philadelphia, Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins Realin A. (2009). Guide to Religion and Culture in Healthcare. Pg 135 Great presentation! In the Chinese culture some people may follow Chinese medicine, such as herbalists and other alternative therapies including cupping and acupuncture prior to seeking Western medicine or use concurrently with the western treatments. Some believe in Yin/Yang balance in all aspects of life. Disease develops when yin and yang are not in balance. Therefore; optimal health can be reach through this balance. They may refuse to take medications when they do not feel sick (Realin, 2009). It is important for the health care provider to educate patients and families to continue to take medications for maintenance purpose. Reference Realin A. (2009). Guide to religion and culture in healthcare. Pg 227 Eye contact is the most culturally variable nonverbal behaviors that clients will use to communicate. In most western cultures we are taught to maintain eye contact when speaking to others. Within the Hispanic culture, respect dictates behavior in the form of downcast eyes. This is based on age, sex, social position, economic status, and positions of authority. When in the setting of a nurse-patient relationship, it is

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