Chinese Cinderella Essay

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English homework The book is called Chinese Cinderella. The main character is Adeline Yen Mah. Many things happen in her life that are very similar to Cinderella especially the way her family treats her. Like Cinderella Adeline has a stepmother who does not like her. “She slapped my face so hard I almost fell ‘liar’! You planed it didn’t you, to show of our house to you penniless classmates.” (Page 127) Yen Mah uses the techniques of creating imaginary when Niang hit’s her and she nearly fell off her feet. Yen Mah makes the reader feel like Niang does not listen to Yen Mah even know she is telling the truth. Yen Mah was treated poorly by her family all through her life. Yen Mah was treated the same as Cinderella was by her family. Yen Mah’s step mum dose not like her because she is the only one that will dear to argue with her. “Take that! Medal-winner! Teacher’s pet! Who do you think you are? Showing off week after week!”(Page 16) Yen Mah’s uses explanation marks to show that she is being shouted at. The reader feels that her sister is jealous of her and that the sister is wondering how she got the medal in the first place. As did Cinderella Yen Mah went from a lonely and poor life where she was not treated well by her family except for her father who was not around much. By the end of the novel she was happy and loved by those around her. The final technique I will discuss is the use of the first person narrator. “I was quite pleased to tell him you are my daughter. Well done!’ He looked radiant. For once, he was proud of me. In front of his revered colleague.”(Page 219-220). As the reader I fell happy for her that she can be loved for one in her life especially from her father. The use of this technique is good in showing the characters true

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