Chinese Cinderella Essay

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In the novel “Chinese Cinderella” by Adeline Yen Mah, most people in Adeline’s family did not love her. The most powerful people in her life, Niang and Father, didn’t fulfill their parenting responsibilities towards her and even her siblings were cruel to her. Firstly, Niang and Father were the most powerful people in the family and didn’t love and protect Adeline. Niang always treated Adeline badly, for example when she told her to say that she was wrong and then Niang will give her tram fare which she wouldn’t do because if she did, she would be betraying Aunt BaBa and YeYe. To Father, she was nothing in his life. For example, when she started first grade in Shanghai, on the first day, no one came to pick her up from school and she was left wandering around the streets not knowing where to go. This made her tremble with fear, knowing that no one had missed her and this made her feel unwanted and not loved by her family. However, the least powerful people in the family loved her dearly, YeYe, Aunt Baba and sometimes Third Brother. YeYe always supported Adeline and told her not to give up. Aunt Baba sent Adeline a letter, had told her a Chinese folktale, “Cinderella” and compared it to Adeline, to give hope to her in the future. Also, Third Brother always played games with her when they went on a picnic with YeYe. This had made her felt happy because she hardly had anyone to play with most of the time. One day, he told her that he liked her much better then the others because she always played fair. Overall, Adeline didn’t receive the nurture from her family that she needed. Father, Niang and her siblings were cold-hearted people that didn’t know what loving and caring for each other was and only cared for themselves. This made Adeline feel unwanted and left out. Luckily, YeYe and Aunt Baba’s love and hope supported Adeline to look forward to the

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