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Chinese Cinderella, from the moment she was born, she was hated because her mum died giving birth to her. Her dad didnt know her Chinese name, her sibling called her a murder and said she had bad luck. But she loved her school, because no matter how much pain her home caused her, the kids at school treated her equally. When she came home with a badge of good school work, her dad praised her, for the first time since she was born. This caused her to try harder because she longed for her dads love, her siblings hated her though because she took away their shine. Big Sister, had her left arm paralyzed during birth and so Adeline was like her slave. She was forced to call her step mother Niang which meant mother in Chinese. Her Nai Nai( Grandma) told her too. Niang was like the leader in the house when Adeline's grandma died and her Nian hated her for going against her when Niang kept beating her little daughter. When her siblings got a tram fare, Adeline was left behind. Aunt Baba was one of Adeline's closest friends. Aunt Baba was her Dia Dia(dad) older sister. She had no money and kids of her own so Adeline was put in her room and together, almost inevitably, they became close friends. But Adelines closest friend was her grandpa. Her grandpa was kind and gentle but her Niang hated him, and when he died no one cried but Adeline and Aunt Baba. Adeline’s life evolved around pain until the time she was old enough to go to University. Even before that, Every letter that she wrote to Aunt Baba and vice versa wouldn’t go to them but would go directly to her Niang and she would read them. Adeline won a writing competitio that no Shanghui student had won before and her dad was proud, Adeline took the chance and asked if she could go to University and England. Her dad said yes if only she studied Medicine. She did not dare contradict and went. She had a wonderful time, with

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