Chinas Pollution Essay

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China. It’s a beautiful country, but there are many threats that can lead to sickness. For example, China’s pollution has a big threat on society’s health. First, let's get an understanding of what pollution is. Pollution is like a poison to the body. It's everywhere! Some pollution you might be able to see but sometimes a human with a naked eye wont. Yet you're eating, drinking, and even breathing it. Now let's get back to China. This country is known for polluted nature. People literally can get sick and die from pollution. China’s government has not taken a step forward to solve the problem with pollution. There are different types of pollution such as air, water and soil. China's air pollution is one of the biggest threats and come from factory emissions, vehicle exhaust, and cigarette smoke and that may lead to Lung cancer and cardiovascular illness when the air is breathed. A cardiovascular doctor, Dr. Zhong, says " Pollution in China is getting worse and worse but the government says that things are getting much better but it seems as if the Government is neglecting the situation." People have to wear face masks when cities are heavily polluted. They even said that workers can't work in certain factories everyday because of the smoggy air. A kid named, He Xin, from Shenyang, China says " If I wore a white shirt to school, It would be brown by the end of the day." Travelers from different countries say that China has a lot of smog due to pollution. China currently seeks for clean air but its really impossible to keep it clean because of the factories producing smoke. The only way to prevent from so much pollution is not producing many factories but then again the country is known for producing everything. A guy said for over four years, China has had smoggy skies and hardly any sunlight showing. Cleaning the air cost China’s government $112 billion in 2005.

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