Chinas Enviromental Issues Essay

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China, one of the worlds largest industrial powers, is now facing life changing environmental issues. Of all the world’s nations, China faces the biggest challenge in meeting the energy and resource demands of its rapidly growing population, while also dealing with climate changes and working towards sustainable development. What China does affects ozone depletion, biodiversity loss, desertification, acid rain, cancer villages, wildlife migration, global climate change, and other enviromental challenges. It's been, for centuries, one of the most populous nations in the world and now, its population's impact on the environment is being seen even in the smallest cities. With an unprecedented economic boom, these effects are taking very serious proportions. While individual use of resources remains low, the cumulative impact of steady growth in the consumption of over a billion people is tremendous. All industrial nations one day hit an environmental turning-point, an event that dramatises to the population the ecological consequences of growth. The Chinese have positioned the country for explosive economic growth, as many Chinese are growing wealthy and enjoying the benefits of China becoming a global manufacturing state. However, the working-class Chinese are bearing the brunt of pollution; suffering the negative impacts of production such as reduced quality of life, shortened life spans, and suseptibility to disease. While economic success is accelerating pressure on ecosystems and the environment, there are also massive investments to clean up and the current political eloquence is all about achieving a green, low-carbon economy while increasing domestic consumption. In the last two decades, the air pollution in China has increased substantially. The lack of good air quality is especially prominent in the more urban, industrialized areas of China. The topic of

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