China's Economic Structural Imbalances Essay

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[pic] STUDENT’S ID: 2011139, 2011165, 2011083, 2011082 CHINESE NAME: 童远刚,杨力治,陈莹莹,崔丹 ENGLISH NAME: Tong Yuangang, Yang Lizhi, Chen Yingying, Cui Dan COURSE TITLE: China Economic Development PROFESSOR: Prof. Yao Yang DATE/(Y/M/D): Oct 23, 2012 Academic honor code statement: I hereby certify that the following work is entirely and exclusively my own. Signature: Score: Who Ate My Cake? --China's Economic Structural Imbalances --Crisis and Challenges caused by imbalanced Distribution of Urban Residents Income and Assets Tong Yuangang, Yang Lizhi, Chen Yingying, Cui Dan [pic] Forward The topic of this essay is "Imbalance of China's Economic Structure". For this topic, we will focus on exposition of urban residents' income distribution and its issues. As summary to what we have learnt in China Economic Development, our group is combing data with facts and examples to fully analyse and elaborate on income distribution imbalances. Since the economy reform in China, it has been outstanding progress achieved from economy and society development. From the substantial income increase, general living standard in China has been enhanced. However, with the rapid economy development, the overall income gap among different groups categorized by geography, industry, urbanization. This disparity has drawn an extensive social attention and even dissatisfaction. It lays risk to a harmony society environment. intends to get larger. Refer to statistics of European Union, Gini coefficient of China has topped 0.52. In 2011, it will be higher than 0.55 becoming a country with the largest gap between rich and poor in the world.
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