China's Economic Miracle Essay

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Today’s China: The Economic Miracle and Social and Cultural Crises Chris Payne History of Modern China Dr. Z. George Hong April 22, 2012 Over the course of the class, I have learned a great deal about modern China. As I’ve already taken a class based around pre-modern/ancient China, I already had somewhat of an idea of how the Chinese culture differed to western culture. However, I did not know the extent of the difference until this class. First off is China’s economic status and development. Since the 1970’s, China has been making up for lost time and lack of development with rapid economic progress. In the mid-70’s, your average Chinese worker would earn an average $176 a year and would eat barely anymore than some rice and the occasional egg. In modern China, the skyscrapers fill the cities and billionaires and their children sit amongst members of the communist party. One theory is that China’s economic ‘miracle’ is thanks to the endeavors of foreign lands: Germany paved the way for China’s transit system, the international community has provided them with automobiles to reverse engineer and copy for their own, and foreign architects have helped design their buildings for them. The economic miracle is seen mostly as good luck bestowed upon China by foreign lands. Theoretically, the same would happen to North Korea and Cuba were they to open their doors to the world like China. However, China’s method of maintaining their new economic status is just as clever, if not a bit shrew at times. After the United States, China is the largest economy in the world, and considering many of its people lived like cavemen only three decades ago, one can only be amazed. China’s trade with foreign countries, mainly America, is the main reason for its economic prosperity. China is the largest exporter and importer of goods in the world, and is the fastest growing
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