China Vs. Egypt Essay

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China: Political: China had 2 big dynasties the Zhou(1027-221) and the Shang(1750-1027)b.c.e. areas around the core kingdom were ruled by other members of the royal family or high ranking nobility. Around 800 b.c.e the Zhou power weekend so nomadic gropes started to attack and local rulers became more independent leading to wars with each other. Economic: products of the Chinese were silk, wheat, rice, and bronze. Possessing bronze objects was a sing of authority. Religious: the Chinese people wold worship there male ancestors.they also had rituals to sacrifice people during the shang period. When the zhou took over they claimed the gods gave them the through as long as they guided the people wisely and called their rule “mandate of the havens.” Social: the nomadic people of the western and northern areas during the Shang period were referred to as barbarians And taken as slaves. In china only educated elite people cued read. Intellectual: the Chinese used fung shui to build buildings according to cardinal directions. Pictogram s and phonetic symbols was and still is the form of writing Chinese people use. Artistic: the courts ceremonies was embellished by music and dance. Near: china was isolated from other civilizations because of natural barriers like the Himalaya mountains, the Gobi desert, and pacific ocean. Two major rivers in china were the yellow and Yangzi river. Because of Chinas divers land and climate it had 3 major agriculture zones were different crops could grow. Egypt: Political: Egypt started unifying small units in to states and that eventually led to the unification of upper and lower Egypt calling the king ruler of two lands. Egypt is divided in to 3 dynasties but historians also divided in to old, middle and new kingdoms. In 2000 b.c.e Egypt forcefully invaded Nubia for gold. Economic: trade was mainly centered

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