China Tiger Essay

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1178073 Sociology Ji Yeon Kim I was born in 1980 in Suzhous, a peaceful district of China. When I was young, I didn’t know about the one-child policy, but now I know why I do not have any brothers. My mom always told me it was severe strict that the policy had spread out to this silent village. I was a bit sad to hear that, but there was no problem with my family’s happiness. But as time went by, there had grown a problem with my family job, farming. Having had no labors for the farming, we were always short of supplies in reaping. Since I was the only son, I was responsible for the raise of our family. Simply helping for my family’s farming was not enough to support our demands in daily life. I heard that city one-child is sort of snob, but I think it doesn’t work in my town because of different environment. By the time I was 16, there were lots of villagers giving up their family business and leaving their hometown. People complained about the low price the goods sell so that they do not get the proper rewards of it. Most importantly, the inflation has reached its peak in this period, which means they had no choice but to leave. As the social trend had turned out to be urbanization, I was forced to go to city, but I didn’t have any courage to do so. Having no education background, I wasn’t sure about what I could be in the future when I move to the city. I just thought I would end up being a factory worker at best. But, job hunting for factory worker would be also hard, because it has already got full. Then, I realized my old friend, Ching Wa-wa, who was my best friend in elementary school in Suzhous and moved to Guangzhou following his father. We became friends when I firstly approached him while nobody was willing to do so just because he looked arrogant. Although I have never had opportunities to visit his house because his father always didn’t

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