China Shakes The World Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter 1: Rages to Riches The author of China Shakes the World, James Kynge, begins by explaining the story of a German steel mill, Thyssen Krupp, being disassembled to be shipped and reassembled in China. Kynge goes on to explain how the closing of the Thyssen Krupp steel mill has effected the town of Dortmund Germany where over ten thousand people where employed by the mill. The story depicts how China’s cheap labor and labor efficiencies are driving labor intensive industries such as steel mills to relocate to China. Kynge then tells a story highlighting how the Chinese workers worked non-stop, and were willing to go to great risk to get the job done quickly. The workers did not take any time off until the Germans complained. The…show more content…
But, like Chicago in the nineteenth century, Chongqing is revitalizing itself with explosive growth, into a “zone of high-rise glass-and-concrete office buildings, and neon-lit shopping malls.” Chongqing is considered the gateway to undeveloped lands, and is a center of commerce. The drive is from the vitality of the people who live there. It is not an aesthetically pleasing city. Pollution has become a serious issue, and industrial smog covers the city. Although there are many similarities between the development of Chicago and Chongqing, the speed and scale of Chongqing’s development is unprecedented and puts it in a class of its own. Chongqing is growing eight times as fast as Chicago had, averaging three hundred thousand new people a year. These citizens migrate to cities like Chongqing mainly for employment. In China, there is a massive pool of labor that will work for very low wages, as many Chinese individuals are used to surviving on less than two dollars a day. Combine inexpensive labor with modern factory technology, and one may understand the reason for huge investments in city expansion projects and infrastructure, and perhaps the Chinese competitive advantage. But even though China can now be seen as part of the modern world, it is still important to remember its history of human suffering, alienation, and

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