China and Pollution Essay

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China’s Pollution Problems China is currently one of the world’s fastest developing nations. With this development comes a huge problem, pollution. China still relies on coal for all of there production and transportation. All of this use of coal added with a population of 1.3 billion equals skyrocketing pollution levels. Air pollution is not the only type of pollution that is affecting the Chinese people. Water and land pollution also plague China’s population. These high levels of pollution kill many people every year. If China does nothing to reduce this level of pollution from rising, then it will be too late to correct the problem. I propose that China cuts its coal consumption and implements more energy efficient solutions. The air that the Chinese people breathe is heavy and filled with contamination. China has approximately five cities that are on the list of most polluted cities in the world. Two thirds of all cities in China are said to be heavily polluted. This contaminated air makes heart disease, respiratory problems, and cancer China’s number one killers. The reason for this polluted air is from the burning of coal, which is used to do just about everything in China. Coal is China’s biggest money makers and it allows local government officials to get rich. There are no qualms from those officials. One woman from a health clinic says that she “coughs black stuff out of her lungs”. The burning of coal releases sulfur dioxide and the levels are impressive. China produces at least twice the amount of sulfur dioxide than the United States does. Out of the entire country of China only one percent of the urban population breathes air that is qualified “safe”. The outlook for China’s pollution problems has never been so dim. China has shut down a few factories that were the biggest problems, but there are too many in the country to make a difference.

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