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InsChristopher S. Rollyson Pervasive Outsourcing | Strategy | Marketing | Knowledge Transfer | The Global Human Capital Blog China: Insight into Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities for Multinationals Cited By Christopher Rollyson The GSB's International Round Table hosted two Asia and cross-cultural experts 16 February 2006 at Gleacher Center, "Human Resource Challenges for Multinational Corporations in China." This discussion was led by Deborah Lauer, former VP Global Talent Supply at Motorola who spent six years in China, and Jeffrey Reed, a 20-year veteran of Asia who headed up Unilever-Best Foods joint ventures in Pakistan and China. The talk focused on MNCs' (multinational corporations) human resource challenges in China, both from expatriate and local talent perspectives. Both can be reached at Summary of the GSB International Round Table, 16 February 2006, Chicago, IL USA The talent market they described was volatile and prone to spikes. MNCs are strong forces in the employment market, and they typically have a "pile on" mentality with their business initiatives, which drives up demand for Chinese workers suddenly and creates high competition for workers. Exacerbating the problem, there is little mobility among people in China. Forget not that travel was forbidden until the Deng reforms, which began loosening restrictions during the 1980s. Many people do not speak Chinese in favor of local dialects, and their accents can be very strong when speaking Chinese. The government does not encourage relocations due to the size of the rural population and the strained infrastructure of cities already. These trends keep the available labor pool small relative to demand. The discussion focused on H.R. challenges in several areas: recruitment, retention, the role of the expatriate manager and special issues faced

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