china becoming a world power Essay

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China is coming to be a complete world power. While China and Taiwan are in a non-war relationship right now I believe that in with-in ten years Taiwan will declare its independents. With Taiwan doing so China will start war with them. With their growth in industries they will soon rule the world’s trade market. China will also become partners with Russia and become unstoppable forces. Taiwan has wanted to call itself an independent county for some time now, and for what they think they are. Taiwan wants to fall under its own Taiwan Republic but is held back by the Republic of China. If Taiwan declares its independence china will be ready to blow them out of this planet. They have 900 missiles targeted on Taiwan for that very purpose. China believes Taiwan is part of their country and they are not willing to just give it up without a fight. Taiwan looks for the U.S for support but I believe we will continue to send them anti-missile missiles but when war starts we won’t be there to support them in it. With Chinas minimum wage at just $.50 an hour many industries around the world are sending their companies to China so they can make more money and be able to sell less to the people of the world. They don’t realize that the world is going bankrupt because of the fact. China is making nothing but positive profit with all their trading. They have made themselves the world’s biggest distributor. They accommodate for 16% of world goods. With business going bankrupt with the stock market falling very fast will make them want to move to China. When companies move or stop selling for the U.S it takes away from U.S money. Will then make the Stock Market crash. China and Russia are teaming up to become world domination. With both countries having very strong militaries and lots of weapons building up they are becoming more powerful than anyone can handle. With both China
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