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Besnik Rugova History Due date-02-19-13 Question 1 A country needs a strong military in order for that country to have a chance in being strong. Although, the country has to use their military wisely or having a strong military won’t mean much if you do not use it the right way. A country should use their military to gain respect and not fear and that is what some countries get confused about. They misinterpret fear for respect. Each president has expanded the U.S. military involvement and operations through time which is very important and a big step forward. The only problem is how they do it and whether it is effect or not. The U.S. military was in Palestine to find Osama Ben Laden. They were not there for that only, they wanted oil which is a very big natural resource for the world. The U.S. military sent troops to Syria to international communities and should only intervene when the sovereign government in question proves unable or unwilling to protect members of a persecuted population. This action is taken place in response to atrocities that occur. While the United States can respond to mass atrocities, they believe the damage will already be done by the time they get their troops in that country to make a difference. The U.S. army planned to deliver 13,400 personnel to Somalia during operation restore hope. The actual number deployed was 10,000. Within 30 days, 82% of U.S. personnel and over half the U.S. equipment had been delivered. The military did not deliver all material shipped from the U.S. until mid February which was sent off in December. Deployment occurred when environment permitted and threat was low. It took almost 100 days to complete full employment to Somalia. While this was going on in Somalia, 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda. U.S. forces could have deployed into Rwanda in required numbers, the amount of air support needed

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