Chimpanzee Film Review (2012)

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Chimpanzee (Disney Nature) 1 hr. 18 mins. Starring: Tim Allen (narrator) Directed by: Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield MPAA Rating: G Genre: Nature Documentary Critic’s rating: *** stars (out of 4 stars) Earth Day is celebrated in the spirit as it is intended—to observe and appreciate the wonderment of our exquisite ecosystem. Well, Disney Nature has astutely made its notable tribute to our planet’s environmental cause courtesy of its affectionate nature documentary Chimpanzee, a gloriously quaint and affecting family-friendly movie that shines a touching spotlight on primates both in playful and periled predicaments. Beautifully shot with captivating footage, a mesmerizing and picturesque tropical location and of course an adorable star worth going bananas over…namely our scene stealer baby-faced Oscar the chimp. Filmmakers Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield (“Earth”) concoct a canopy of visual vibrancy that radiates in this adventurous nature exposition. Both youngsters and grown-ups alike will marvel at the scenic landscape that is the Tai rainforest of the Ivy Coast. The wild chimpanzees are an intriguing spectacle as a species. One can definitely develop their inner Jane Goodall tendencies when checking out Chimpanzee as a meditation in finding heart-warming and heart-breaking impulses regarding these amazing creatures. The tranquility and treachery is equally compelling as the skillful primates are featured at the mercy of their challenging surroundings. As narrated by television veteran/comedian Tim Allen (from TV’s “Last Man Standing”), Chimpanzee follows the exploits of cute and cuddly Oscar as well as a selected troop of chimps living within the rainforest’s dense trees. Isha, Oscar’s mother, oversees her impish offspring as he explores his region with an abundance of curiosity and learning. Oscar is just as engaging and precious as

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