Chimpanzee Essay

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Raul Garcia Physical Anthropology Mr, Abruzzese Monday & Wednesday 5pm Disney Chimpanzee Movie Extra Credit The documentary chimpanzee is based on the primate chimpanzees it shows the instinct for survival. It emphasizes on the primates way of leaving on a day to day bases and the reality of what they face the main story focuses on toddler chimp who's name is Oscar. The adult chimp takes care of it's infant teaches it the necessary skills it will require when it becomes a full grown adult once he gains the right experience he will know how to eat how to know when something is ripe but later things go wrong and the chimps mother gets lost during a battle and is left alone the chimps mother passed away and is left alone. it had to do everything that it remembered to survive over time, rejected by others finds the rarest of occasions a rare experience to be taken in by the leader of the group. The chimpanzee known as Oscar is an infant the size toddler whose color is a light brown and it's hair is very dark black. It's locomotion it's sort of the same but not quite they are arboreal and stay to trees for more easier shelter and protection from those who are on the ground. The chimp does what every animal and human does they observe what others are doing and they imitate the same actions that are displayed as an instinct they feel that that little experience will help them know survival better. He becomes clumsy and loud at times and seeks out many ways of curiosity with things on his way. Through the documentary I leaned how similar we are with the chimps the mother is nurturing with the infant as we are with our own. I observe how dangerous it is, how hard It was for them to live they did what they can to do everything was very difficult it was to survive. I learned that they use tools; tools such as their surroundings to eat like grabbing a rock

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