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4 Mar. 2014 Chimney Sweeper Chimney Sweeper by William Blake entails about a poem which identifies young boys as socially oppressed chimney sweepers in the dark background of child labor. In the story, the boys are very young and are being sold to people to clean chimneys with no say about the fact that they are just childhood ages being put to work in a dangerous environment which seemed to be government controlled at the time. The ideology behind that is, that the reason the kids were put to work was because they are small and can clean places unreachable to adults and the poem sets a good example of how it was in England in the 18th and 19th century. Marxism to me is basically anti communist thinking, pro religion and also the fact that everything should be shared equally and I believe it shows a good example in the poem when one of the young boys named Tom Dacre had said "And by came an Angel who had a bright key, and opened the coffins and set them all free" (1382). Tom had a dream in that an angel had taken him away to heaven and that it was a magical place and an escape from the hardship from which they were enduring. Also to follow that phrase, Tom later goes on with "And the Angel told Tom, if he'd be a good boy, he'd have god for his father and never want joy" (1382). That quote from the poem influences and motivates Tom to keep on with the chimney work and to stay happy and optomistic about the future and to not be in fear because one day everything was going to be alright for him and his fellow chimney sweepers. Tom was very young when his mother had died and his father had sold him when he could barely cry. That is another theory against Marxism referring to kids being sold back in those times. Having to sweep and sleep in the soot, it shows how cruel young chimney sweepers were treated back in that time. An example of that is shown in the poem when it

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