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Chilean Copper Mine Communication Release Jason Cavin BCOM/275 August 12, 2013 Randall Savely Chilean Copper Mine Communication Release The Chilean Copper Mine collapse was major headlines around the world for several weeks. A total of 33 miners were trapped roughly 300 meters below the surface for over a month. This incident caused nervous and very cautious times for everyone involved, especially the United States rescue and advisory teams. These teams along with local authorities had to keep in mind the different roles of everyone associated with this international incident and how they would receive the message. They also had to keep in mind the potential needs of the families of the miners and the employees of the mine on how they…show more content…
Their needs must be taken seriously as there are loved ones and relatives involved. Family members require more details about this accident that concern relatives at work. Family members require exact time the incident took place, who exactly is trapped in the mine, what rescue measures are taking place to rescue and save the victims. Also family members must know what is being done to help the victims while they wait for rescue. As the rescue efforts continue the family must be updated on the developments of the rescue process. Once relatives are rescued, how will or how can the family get access to relatives? Finally, possibly most importantly the family members must be assured that all necessary procedures are taking place to ensure the rescue of relatives. Just as the family members that are involved with this incident there are potential needs for the employees of Chilean Copper Mine. The employees are accustomed to the operations of the mine, so the communication will have to be concise and conducted formally. Employees will and this is not an option of them receiving it or not, they will need a quick update of the incident and what the company is doing to ensure co-workers are being rescued. Also the employees need to be assured; again this is not an option, that other mines are not at risk when mining…show more content…
What channel the communication takes place to the audiences should be considered before making the communication release. For the families, it is best done through television. This is for the sake of family members who may become distraught or uncomfortable if they come face to face with the mine company management. For the employees it is best for face to face communication to take place. Employees would have a better position and understand the circumstances of their co-workers being trapped. Both audiences should receive a communication release from the mining company. The first communications release should be to the families through the media. A crisis has occurred at one of our mines, the San Jose mine of the San Esteban Mining Company located in northern Chile. A huge rock failure is to blame for this incident. Currently it is estimated that over thirty workers are trapped in the mine at a depth of nearly 300 meters. Rescue operations are still in progress, boreholes have been drilled to locate the miners, however, no exact location has been established at this time. Rescue operations will take some time, however family members are encouraged to be patient. There will be updates as developments take place. Plans are in place to ensure that food, water and medicine are in place and immediately available to the

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