Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Research Paper

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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse BCOM/275 January 7, 2013 Kay Sears Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Communication has a unique meaning to different people within each environment or culture. Such as, a topic of discussion may have a varied meaning to a student in class and a more personal meaning to an employee on the job site. A basic definition of communication is sending and receiving information between two people. When the sender and receiver acquire a shared understanding, successful communication is attained. A shared understanding of information involves understanding the feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, and intentions of the parties involved. To meet these elements, the sender/speaker must use the appropriate tone of speech, or…show more content…
The first action to consider is who and how the company will deliver the message. The collapse is a serious event, and the person chosen to deliver this news sends a message to the families and employees. For instance, the owner of the mining company or a high ranking executive of the company sending the message will have a greater impact on this audience. Another action to consider is the means the company will choose to deliver the message; press release to the public via national news, newspaper, letters to the families and employees, face-to-face, or electronically to name a…show more content…
The collapse has trapped 33 workers in an underground chamber approximately 2300 feet under the surface. We are working meticulously to obtain the necessary resources to execute an immediate recovery operation for those trapped. Currently, via videoconference the men have reported they have limited food and water. Therefore, we are sending the required supplies to sustain them during rescue operations. The rescue operation is going to take some time because of the delicate nature of an underground collapse. You will be updated daily on the progress, and we will do our best to answer all your questions during each daily briefing. Please understand that we are doing our very best to recover your loved ones using all resources and advanced technological

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