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The United States intervene with Chile’s government for several reasons. In 1970 Salvador Allende a Marxist had been elected as president but later thrown off by the Chilean Army. Military dictator PInochet takes over in 1973.In this case, US intervention was inappropriate but successful. After World War ll the Soviet Union and United States were engaged in a Cold War.The Cold War was tension between the two nations.The United States was a free-market Democracy but Soviet Union were communist a nation. It was characterized by mutual distrust, suspicion, and misunderstanding. The U.S was afraid that communism would take over the world. Each side thought that their political and economic systems were better than the other. There was an Arms race between the nations. The United States policy was a containment policy, its purpose was to stop the spread of communism. Soviet Union control much of eastern europe after the war, these countries were behind "an iron curtain" since they were cut off from the rest of the world. America feared about the communism growing because of iron curtain,berlin blockade,korean war,the fall of china, and the bay of pigs.All these were tensions between these nations that in the end Soviet Union failed to keep going because of economic issues. 1964 Frie was elected as president. He wanted land reform, housing construction, and investment in education.The U.S gave financial support to Chile at the time. Some Chileans thought he wasn't doing enough and others thought the government was getting too big. Around 1970 Salvador Allende was a Marxist and ruled the military. He was elected for president . The Allende government took over copper,mines, many banks, and other industries. The US did not support Allende at all. The United States thinks that Salvador Allende wanted to establish a Cuban-style dictatorship. Also thought that he would

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