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Chile Chile is a beautiful, fascinating, country with amazing people and a colorful culture. Chile has great tour sites and an awesome view of the ocean. The capital of Chile is Santiago, an amazing Spanish city. The name Chile was derived from the word “chilli” which means ‘the land where the world ends.’ Creepy, but mysterious and beautiful. Before the Chilean flag was decided on there were four flags created before it. Once Chile gained its independence from British the held a contest to see who could create the best flag. The flag was conceived by José Ignacio and designed by Antonio arcos. Some people believe it was truly Gregorio de Andi y Valera who drew it. It was declared the official flag on October 18, 1817 during Benardo O ‘Higgins’ government. The currency of Chile is called the ‘Peso.’ Now let’s get serious as we talk about Chile’s government, economy, transportation, and education. Chile’s government is a multi party democracy. They have a market economy mixed with traditional. Chile’s education is growing and is also improving. You must go to school between the ages of six and fourteen but over that is not required. The education is free. Chile has a literacy rate of ninety seven percent. Chileans use regular transportation like the U.S. they use trains, buses, cars, and sometimes marine transports. Chileans are a slow growing population with a tasteful language and different religions. They are friendly and warm people. Chileans speak Spanish mostly but they do not call it Spanish. The people of Chile call the Spanish language Castellano. The population of Chile is 6.1 million. Eighty percent of the 6 million are admitted Christians. Most are catholic. Chileans are friendly, warm people and they have a cynical sense of humor. They are also very patriotic and proud of their country. Listen to these different cultural

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