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Over the past two weeks or so, we have been watching the documentary “Super Size Me” made by Morgan Spurlock where he went onto the binge of eating nothing but McDonald’s for one month. Spurlock didn’t do this experiment for the joy of eating all this fat; this was his investigation into the epidemic of obesity throughout the American society, and the corresponding lawsuit brought against McDonald’s on behalf of two overweight girls who allegedly became obese as a result of eating McDonald’s food. Spurlock has positioned the viewers to feel disgusted in fast food companies and he has done this with the use of health professionals, still imagery, and graphics. At the beginning of the documentary, Spurlock went to 3 health professionals, a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner, as well as a nutritionist and a personal trainer. At the beginning of the experiment, Spurlock had a body weigh of 84kgs; his body fat was at 11%. According to Spurlock’s personal trainer, he is in physically above average shape. All health professionals predict the “McDiet” will have some unwelcomed health effects, but none expected them to be too extreme. Before the experiment, Spurlock ate a varied diet but always had a vegan evening meal with his vegan girlfriend. This shows viewers that even after a month of this horrid diet the effects are very visible and will have an impact if this diet is constricted to the fat total. The main convention of this documentary that I thought showed the true reality of this deadly lifestyle experiment was the fact that Spurlock included these health professionals. When he had his check in’s weekly, it showed the effects the diet he was continuously eating was having real effects. The professionals assisted in making Spurlock’s point more visible and it truly showed the effects was impacting his health and physical

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