Childrens Discovery Museum Essay

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Dear Downtown Businesses, Interested in giving back to the community, helping children, and making money? Well, than do we have some news for you. A new children’s museum is planned to open in downtown Mount Pleasant by 2011 and we at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum are looking for your support. Our mission is to spark creativity, nourish learning, and inspire the curiosity of children through self-directed discovery in an engaging, hands-on environment. Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum is a non-profit organization started by four mothers from the community. They recognized the lack of economical, educational, and safe activities for young children and their families in the area. By combining their experience with childcare, funding of non-profits, and public service, the Board of Directors plans to create a successful children’s museum in downtown Mount Pleasant. What does this mean for you? As businesses already located in the downtown area you will have the biggest reward due to this opening. According to surveys distributed at Farmers Market, Mardi Gras, and online 81% of the 371 surveyed preferred a downtown location. Also, 74% said they were extremely interested in a children’s museum and that 68% were willing to pay a $50 annual family pass. With a new rush of families and children to the area you will notice a great increase in your annual revenues. Also, we are encouraging a large use of goods and services from local businesses during the Museum’s inception, construction and operation. All we ask for is your support. College students are not the only customers in the city, we need to attract more families. Its plain and simple they have more money. Donating anything you can, will help our cause greatly. We hope you all understand the importance this Museum will have on the community and on the downtown businesses, both financially and

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