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Alex Goldfarb Professor Dery English 121 How to Make Chicken Noodle Soup One of my favorite foods to eat when I am sick is chicken noodle soup. This is because the warmth of eating it really makes your throat feel soothed. I also enjoy it because it tastes amazing, the spices along with the vegetables, chicken, and noodles almost makes you feel better instantly. Anytime I am sick, my mom always makes me chicken noodle soup to help make me feel better. Even though the process of making this soup looks long and exhausting it is really easier to make than you think. Chicken noodle soup can be made within thirty minutes. So just remember the next time you are sick you can feel a little better right away after making and then eating your soup! To start making the best chicken noodle soup you need to start off by placing a pot over medium heat and then you need to add extra virgin olive oil. After the oil is heated it is best to add the vegetables. This is so the vegetables can get tender and their flavors emulsify all together to get this really earthy and flavorful taste to the soup. Salt, pepper, and bay leaves are added to the vegetable in the extra virgin olive oil. The smell at this point really warms you up from all the different scents from each vegetable and spice. Once the spices and vegetables are mixed together, stock is added to the bot. at this point a broth has been made for the chicken noodle soup. The broth is the most important part of the soup because it brings in the entire flavor. Once the broth comes to a boil add diced chicken tenderloins and reduce the heat back to medium. After two minutes of simmering the chicken in the hot broth, the bay leaves can be taken out and the noodles can be added and cooked for six minutes. My favorite is to have the noodle al dente. This means that when you bite down on a noodle there is still a little

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