Children’s Pastimes- Today & Yesterday

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Children’s Pastimes- Today & Yesterday Comparison - Contrast Children’s Pastimes- Today & Yesterday Thesis I remember when 30 was old and life was open to many possibilities in the imagination of a 15 year old; even though we were wild and a bit adventurous, nothing we did was mean or malicious; it was a time when kids could be kids and life was a freedom with many less restrictions. Now that my generation has come and gone and a new generation has taken its place, only to be replaced by this up and coming generation of today; I look out the window and see the freedom of youth and what we thought, we stood for yesterday. Times Are Changing Our kids today from the eyes of a mother: they walk alone- yet constantly chatter; they drive- their mouths move- but no one in sight; they converse without talking- with unknown abbreviations and symbols; they sit and play without doing or moving and all without feeling- sometimes all day; minds are locked in vivid animation and gory seduction- some call it fantasy, their apparition of realistic intoxication, some type of hallucinogenic drug that is addictive- yet drug free… Our children: they sit alone, but do they dream- do they see more for themselves than video games, TV’s and remembered simulation? To me- I see this as the technology boom- a possible genocide for our children- our future population… When thinking of the years gone by and all the fun my brother and I had when we were kids running wild and free in the country. Playing in the woods where giant trees grew and running the pasture land with the cows and chickens, the birds and wild flowers, the feel of energy in the air and the smell of fresh honeysuckle growing wild, all of this could catch the eye of any child, in my time. I am reminded of a time when life wasn’t so very complicated and freedom was the name of the game and leap frog was a pretty

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