Children's Internet and Online Privacy Protections Acts Essay

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Children’s Internet and Online Privacy Protections Acts Deborah Oberlies BIS/220 August 13. 2012 Tom Klopfer Children’s Internet and Online Privacy Protections Acts The advances in information technology that resulted in these two acts are all the social networks that are available to our children. Even if the website states that you must be eighteen years or older how is it going to make sure that the person signing up is of age? Children are very smart and know how to get around this. They think that the sites are fun. They are very naïve and trusting that everything that is on the web is true. In the Children’s Internet Protections Act(CIPA), I like that the schools monitor the children’s access to the internet. Computers and the internet are in our lives everyday. For the children now they are born in the age of electronics. They know how to use computers before starting kindergarten. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act(COPPA) is to protect children’s information that they put on the internet. It’s rules define in specific terms what needs to be included in a website’s privacy policy.(1) It also provides detailed instructions about how and when to acquire verifiable parental consent.(1) In addition it clearly outlines a website’s owner’s responsibilities with regards to protecting the online safety and privacy of children under thirteen.(1) COPPA is intended to protect children from being sucked into the web of deceit often spun by unscrupulous websites owners and operators.(1) Due to the extravagant means that advertisers have used in the past and continue to exhibit today, it is easy to understand why the necessity for specific rules exist.(1) There are so many pedophiles in this world to just let your kids go unsupervised while on the internet. Even with these protection acts we as parents must still supervisor our children no

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