Children Who Commit Murder Should Not Be Tried As Essay

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Children who commit murder should not be tried as adults A child does not have the advantages that an adult does therefore a child should not suffer the punishment that an adult does. A child is not able to vote, buy property, and is not permitted many of the other privileges that an adult has. To make a child suffer the punishment that an adult suffers is a double standard against children. Unfortunately, it is true that some children have committed murder. However, to put a child on trial as an adult only furthers the crime. One specific reason that a child who commits murder should not be tried as an adult is that a child does not have the ability to understand and process complex legal issue or consequences. There has been research to prove this very point. In a study that was released by the Associated Press on March 3, 2003, it states that “children under the age of age of eighteen do not have the complex reasoning skills needed to understand a legal proceeding” (Kaczor, 2003). In addition, children under the age of eighteen that were studied were given an intelligence test. This test asked the children to respond to several different hypothetical situations. One specific question was “whether or not a child should confess to a police officer”. The results indicated that more than one third of the children were not able to understand the questions or fully comprehend the consequences (Kaczor, 2003). To have a child be tried as an adult takes advantage of the fact that a child is not able to aide in their legal proceedings because of these very issues, many judges have rebelled against trying a child as an adult. In the article entitled “Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried as Adults?” Steinberg states that “there are numerous intellectual competencies that change during adolescence which are like to underlie the development of adjudicative competencies.
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