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Children Values The essay “Little Virtues” by Natalia Ginzburg talks about Natalia’s beliefs on what values a child should learn and how (Ginzburg). She believes children should be taught the great and little virtues, not just the little ones, because teaching just the little virtues, which are calculated risks, can cause a child to become sheltered (Ginzburg). Basically, Natalia is saying to teach the great virtues people have to let a child live and let them learn by their own mistakes, which tends to be the hard way (Ginzburg). Parents have their own set of values they believe their children should be taught, but most of them are generally about the same. There are many values a child should learn, but the main values a child should learn are responsibility, respect, honesty, love, fairness, self-control and, last but not least, money management. The reason responsibility is one of the main values that are taught to our children is because we want our children to grow up and carry their own weight, so that they are not always expecting someone to carry out their duties for them. Being responsible requires a person to take charge of something or be trusted with important matters (“Responsible”). So, children need to learn how to take care of their own duties, especially without the parents waiting on them hand and foot. To teach our children the small value of responsibility, we have to model responsibility. As adults, we have many responsibilities, which make modeling responsibility easier than it seems. For children to learn the big value of responsibility, they have to do things for themselves. Starting at a young age, children should wash their own hands, brush their own teeth, dress themselves, and make their own bed to start learning their responsibility of taking care of themselves. Young children may take a long time to complete

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